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Over 78% of adults enjoy spending time with their family, visiting attractions and different types of sites up and down the country (TGI 2018). With so many different places to visit, it’s no surprise that it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. But that’s where the wonderful world of Outdoor Advertising comes in…

Clear Channel Direct have worked with hundreds of different businesses, from theme parks to water parks, animal sanctuary’s and more. From these campaigns, we have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in what it takes to market a campaign successfully. Unlike other forms of media, Out-of-Home can provide a unique opportunity for brands to take their creativity to the next level. A great example of this was a special build that was constructed to promote The Lego Batman Movie:

As you can see from the above video, the eye-catching and unique nature of the billboard enabled the campaign to stand out miles above the rest. But aside from the creative possibilities, Out-of-Home Advertising in general can benefit your campaign in a multitude of ways. Here are three:

Increasing Footfall

Using industry leading analytics (Route and CACI), we can determine the best locations within a certain area to reach a particular target audience. By showing your campaign in these locations, we can help suggest and physically direct potential customers to your attraction.

We worked with a charity, The Donkey Sanctuary, to secure specific sites and position their campaign directly in front of the right people. “We will most certainly be using Clear Channel again. The main thing for us is ensuring we get our products in those key locations and currently only Clear Channel can delivery that for us.” – John Crouch, Visitor Engagement Manager.

Increasing Awareness

Given the fact that 69% of all adults have seen a form of outdoor advertising in the past week (TGI 2018), Out-of-Home Advertising can be an extremely powerful tool in building and increasing the awareness of an attraction.

Sea Life have aquariums throughout the UK and wanted to raise awareness of the ‘Predators of the Reef’ show. Following the campaign, visitors to the aquarium in Glasgow were surveyed to measure the effectiveness of the campaign during June and July 2018. Overall, 42% of visitors reported they had seen the campaign.

Increasing Enquiries

As well as increasing footfall and the awareness of a brand and their campaign, Out-of-Home Advertising is also extremely powerful at driving sales and enquiries too. By positioning a brand’s message in key areas, the repetition of the creative and contact information makes it extremely easy for potential customers to get in touch.

The Wales Millennium Centre have always used Clear Channel and Out-of-Home Advertising as part of their wider campaigns. “For some productions, it’s been about making sure the posters were placed in areas of heavy traffic to help drive sales. We see Outdoor advertising as hugely valuable.” – Rachel Hanson, Head of Theatre Business Marketing

Out-of-Home Advertising has proven over many different campaigns that it can work for any type of attraction, whether you want to raise your brands awareness or drive footfall directly to your location. If you want to become locally famous like our other clients, get in touch with a member of our team today!

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