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How to Advertise Your Open Day Event

Open days are the best opportunities for colleges and universities to attract prospective students to their institutions, but therein lies a unique situation where you’re not just trying to appeal to the students themselves – you also have parents and guardians to get on side, too, and the right advertisement can do just that.


Used to great effect by various education institutions around the country, a strategically placed portrait digital screen can grab the attention of a student looking for their dream course, and if you’ve planned the advertisement carefully, you can have a huge influence on their decision. For example, if you’re promoting a fashion course at a university, advertising it in a shopping centre will catch the attention of the next big thing in the sartorial world.

Bus shelters

A tried and tested method of student advertising, bus shelters provide a perfect canvas for promoting courses. City centre bus shelters or the bus stops of areas surrounding universities and colleges are likely to be frequented by young people travelling to and from the city, and our Adshel Live technology can appeal to their tech-savvy side.

Features like motion detection, weather and time-dependant advertising and even facial recognition can attract and hold the attention of those nearby, with the incredible technology sure to make a lasting impression on those who see it. If your open day is running 9-5 on a Friday, for example, the display can change when the clock strikes 9am, directing people to your event – when the event finishes, that advert can change again, telling people to ‘come back tomorrow’ or whenever the next open day might be.

With over 1,200 digital screens and 33,000 classic displays in bus shelters around the UK, Clear Channel Direct can help you appeal to those you need to reach. Just ask Exeter College.


Advertising at a supermarket can help you get the parents and guardians of prospective students onside. While the decision of where to study will ultimately lie with the student, parents like to know that they’ve made a good choice and have decided to study at a location that will help them fulfill their potential. Our supermarket screens reach millions of people on a fortnightly basis, and in a retail environment, they are more susceptible and receptive to advertisements, which makes a supermarket an ideal place to promote your university, school or college.

Social media

“Young people, always on their phones” – while this may be something of a stereotype, it’s no secret that teenagers and young adults use social media for the majority of their communication and a large part of their downtime, and these social media platforms are ripe for advertising. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and even Snapchat allow for paid advertisements to be displayed on smartphones, tablets and computers, and if you’re willing to spend a little money, you can reach prospective students without them even leaving the sofa.

You can also use social media to track the impact of your out-of-home advertisements – including a landing page URL on a billboard means you have a tool with which to measure how many people have engaged with your promotion – the more people that visit the landing page, the more that are taking notice of your campaign.

If you are in charge of the communications for an educational establishment and you’re looking to maximise your reach and impact, get in touch with the experts at Clear Channel Direct today. We’re a leading provider of out of home advertising displays for businesses of all types and sizes, and we’re always happy to help you get the most out of your campaign.

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