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A Guide to Billboard Rental

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Clear Channel Direct are always happy to hear from new clients, whether you’re experienced in advertising or completely new to what we do. We take great care to ensure all our clients benefit from our expertise, and here, we’re running through what happens from the moment you contact us to when your advertisement is up for the world to see.

Contact Us

The first step is you getting in touch with us. Whether it’s a phone call, an email or through the contact form on our site, one of our friendly team will be there to help you start your Clear Channel journey.


We’re always open to ideas. Whether you’re brimming with them or you’re unsure where to start with your campaign, we’ll listen and offer our expertise where it’s needed. We can advise you on the best locations for your campaign, the optimal display options, as well as the content of your advert itself. Our experts know our products like the back of their hand, and with our experience in delivering brilliant marketing campaigns for a variety of clients, we can help you find exactly what works for your business.

Our Recommendation

After detailed discussions with you regarding your campaign, your aims and your budget, we’ll have all the information we need to recommend the best advertising options for you. We want you to get the most out of your budget; we will advise you on what’s going to work best for you. That might mean a bus shelter advertisement instead of a 96-sheet digital billboard, or it might be a Storm screen, if your budget allows for it and we feel it’ll suit your aims.


We’ll explain to you in detail what you’ll gain by using our recommended method of advertisement, giving you the benefits of that particular display, weighed against potential advantages of our other billboards.

We’ll use our audience analysis tool, Route, to calculate how many people will see your campaign and how many of those people need to purchase from your business for you to see a return on your investment.


After our talks, you’ll make your decision. If you’d like to progress with Clear Channel Direct, then we’ll move on to the planning stage.


The planning of your billboard campaign is the penultimate step in the process. If you have your own artwork, you can send it over to us, but if not, we can help you determine the best design for your advert using our expertise and experience in the industry.


So the advert has been designed and you’ve approved said design. The final step is to get it displayed in your chosen location. For digital billboards, we can send the advert to the display with the click of a button, and it’ll be displayed from the time and date that we agreed upon. For traditional advertisements, we will print the advert and ensure it is placed on the billboard promptly, ready to attract customers. We also offer proof of posting to show that your advert is up and running.

Working with Clear Channel couldn’t be simpler. We’re here to help you create advertising campaigns that promote what you want to promote to the people who need to see it. With accurate forecasting and detailed reporting, we’ll keep you in the loop from the moment you come to us until the final report of your advert’s performance. For more information about working with us, get in touch with us today.

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