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Direct Return Hub Audiences are returning,
and so are brands.
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As restrictions on movement continue to lift, the Out of Home audience has returned but in a different way. That’s why we’ve created the Direct Return Hub, to keep you fully informed and provide you with the latest insights on how audiences are behaving as they adapt to the “new normal”.

Powered by Clear Channel Radar, we’re closely monitoring mobile data to understand how audiences are behaving in this new climate and how they’re interacting with our portfolio of products.

Across the hub you’ll find lots of audience data, for both the UK and for individual locations across the country, as well as examples of advertisers already reaching audiences and what we’re doing to help support our clients.

UK Rate of Return

Local Rate of Return

Platform for Brands

Our Return Hub also reveals that audiences and places of interest are returning, so we’ve put some interactive packages together to bring this to life.

Audiences and locations are returning but they’re different…

Pubs, but different
Running, but different
Seasides, but different
Shopping, but different

In addition to providing audience data and insights, we’re also doing lots more to help you during your return to Out of Home:

The ability to have a flex schedule with your campaign and to change your copy.

Cancel or defer free of charge up to 28 days prior to your campaign start date. Applies to new bookings across all formats running between September and December 2020.

Flexible pricing model based. 30% Roadside digital and 40% Malls. Applies to new bookings and campaigns running up until end of August.

Free artwork adaption for Clear Channel formats. Applies to all bookings running between September and December 2020.

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