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Supermarket  advertising screens provides companies with an opportunity to reach shoppers on a local, regional or national level. These eye-catching digital screens are located in prime positions near the entrance to the stores and could be your perfect solution – whether you sell a product in store, have an event taking place locally, or are looking to increase footfall into your store.

Maximise the impact and cost-effectiveness of your adverts through supermarket advertising on the latest digital advertising screens – Speak to your audience when you know they’re at the supermarket.

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Asda Digital Supermarket Advertising Screens (Asda Live)

Holding 16% of the UK’s grocery market share, Asda’s weekly footfall into their stores is in the millions.

Their strategy is driven by offering great value products; with their audience predominantly falling into the below categories:

  • Low cost shoppers
  • Consumers looking for bulk deals
  • Mothers with young children

If this is your target market, then Asda sites could be the most effective sites in achieving a Return On Investment for you.

Asda Digital Screen Advertising
Sainsbiury's Digital Screen Advertising

Sainsbury’s Digital Supermarket Advertising Screens (Sainsbury’s Live)

Like Asda, Sainsbury’s has 16% market share; meaning huge amounts of footfall per store each week.

Sainsburys’ focus has always been on its fresh, high quality foods. Their audience largely fall into the below categories:

  • Health conscious consumers (think of the Jamie Oliver campaigns!)
  • ABC1 demographic (affluent consumers)

The advertising location plays a key role in influencing people not included in the above categories. This is worth considering when thinking about which grocery store would work best for you.

Smart Audience Planning

Using direct Asda data and Sainsbury’s Nectar insight, we can determine which product categories are purchased more or less and even the type of audiences that shop at specific supermarkets. Whether it’s Alcohol, Clothing or Homecare, this local data can improve the effectiveness of your campaign.

This intelligence also allows us to measure the audiences that are more likely to shop at certain stores, such as ‘Healthy Eaters’, ‘Premium Cooks’ and ‘Family Focused’ shoppers, meaning you can ensure your supermarket message reaches the right audience, at the right store. For further local information, please fill out the form below.

Supermarket Alcohol
Supermarket Clothing
Supermarket Home Spend
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