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Printt Specifications

In-app & Footer Advertising


In-app ads:

Size: 1080px x 1920px with a 9:16 aspect ratio (scaled proportionally to original asset)
Length: 3 to 10 seconds
File Format: video (.mp4 or .mov, and H.264 encoded), image (.jpg or .png), storage aspect ratio/SAR (9:16), display aspect ratio/DAR (9:16) or pixel aspect ratio/PAR (1:1)
File Size: video (32MB or less), image (5MB or less)

Additional notes:

  • To prevent overlap with the following elements, we suggest avoiding placement of logos or other graphic elements with 150px of the top and bottom of the creative.
  • A “Sponsored” slug is added by Printt and appears on the top left corner of the in-app Ad.
  • A call-to-action button is applied by Printt to the bottom centre of the creative.

Footer ads:

Size: 2380px x 475px, 5:1 aspect ratio, 300 DPI
File Format: .jpg or .png (must be in RGB, CMYK images cannot be used)
File Size: 5MB or less

Restrictions: Please do not include any call-to-action buttons as this is a printed ad, e.g. no buttons saying “click here”.

Notification Message:

Maximum of 55 characters.

Submitting Artwork

Please email your final artwork 2 weeks prior to the start date to artwork@clearchannel.co.uk, including the contract number and dates they are required.
If the file size exceeds 10MB, please visit www.mailbigfile.com, a free file sharing website. If the artwork is site specific, please include a clear design instruction when sending over.

Dynamic content

Enhance your campaign with live data such as location, weather or temperature. View our creative guidelines for more information.


Why not boost your campaign using our Mobile Platform or make your advert stand-out with our Creative Services.

Terms and Conditions

A full list of the General Terms and Conditions for Digital and Paper campaigns can be found here.

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