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96 Sheet Billboard


Specifications, Dimensions & Sizes

Size: 1,219.2mm x 304.8mm (tenth size)
Safe copy area: 1,139.2mm x 274.8mm
Resolution: Minimum 300dpi (450dpi best)
File Format: High resolution PDF (CMYK)
Text Format: Outlined vectors for upscaling

Actual Size: 12,192mm x 3,048mm
(Reference only, not for supplying artwork)


Submitting Artwork

Please email your final artwork 4 weeks prior to the start date to artwork@clearchannel.co.uk, including the contract number and dates they are required.
If the file size exceeds 10MB, please visit https://wetransfer.com, a free file sharing website. If the artwork is site specific, please include a clear design instruction when sending over.

About this product

Double the size of a 48 sheet advertisement, 96 sheet billboards are 3m tall but a huge 12m wide. This is largest print billboard available, akin to putting two 48 sheet billboards next to each other, which means it dominates space and demands attention from those who pass it.

The large available space means that extravagant and high quality imagery can be used to convey the desired message, and this size also means that the advertisement can be read from varying distances – people walking down the street, in a nearby car park or stuck in traffic will be able to take in your campaign.

To get an idea of what your desired advertisement will look like once it’s up and running, try our billboard mockup maker today.

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Terms and Conditions

A full list of the General Terms and Conditions for Digital and Paper campaigns can be found here.

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