Roadside Advertising

Reaching commuters, motorists and pedestrians
roadside billboard advertising

Roadside advertising comes in various shapes and sizes. These include bus stops or bus shelters, classic billboards, digital billboards, free standing units (FSUs) phone boxes and super premium digital out of home screens.

Roadside advertising is a great way of making sure your company is seen on multiple times throughout the day by motorists, pedestrians and commuters. All are on main roads in great locations generating high impact and large footfall.

And it’s affordable. SMEs, attractions and organisations can advertise on just one key bus shelter or you could advertise across your entire City or town.

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Adshel Live - Digital bus shelter 48-sheet - Billboard Storm - Premium digital billboard Adshel - Free standing unit Billboard Live - Digital billboard

Roadside Bus Shelter Advertising (Adshel & Adshel Live)

Bus shelter advertising is a great method of reaching commuters, pedestrians and motorists. Make sure your copy can be read quickly (the 5 second rule) if you’re targeting motorists and you’ll increase your chances of success.

We have roadside advertising in hundreds of towns and cities across the UK: Visit our Poster Search tool to discover sites near you.

Fostercare Co Op
Blackpool Zoo billboard advertising

Classic & Digital Roadside Billboards

Two of the oldest and newest forms of advertising and definitely effective. We have classic billboards in two sizes. 48 and 96. A 96 sheet Is the size of an articulated lorry!! Digital billboards enable advertisers to show pin-sharp images to massive audiences and to deliver different messages at different times of the day.

Premium digital advertising for roadsides

This is our super premium range of digital billboards for roadsides. Fortunately Storm does not come with super premium prices! Storm sites are on major roads in 6 cities in the UK. These include Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, London and Manchester.  Storm sites all have high visibility and generate huge impacts. For example we have the Welcome Towers on the M62 into and out of Liverpool and the A38 in Birmingham. Two great sites with huge daily traffic.

One of our key values is flexibility.  We can offer time slots at key commuter times Or you can choose a particular day of the week to run your campaign, enabling you to be super targeted.

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