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A unique way to reach 90% of UK students

Clear Channel have partnered with Printt to offer a new way of reaching local students in every town & city across the UK. Printt is a mobile app allowing university students to use printers on campus and in students accommodations for free – saving them up to £1,200 over a 3 year degree!

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How it works

Printt displays your advert: within the app, through notifications to students’ phones and at the bottom of printed pages (such as lecture notes, research and assignments).

Meaning your Outdoor advertising will reach students whilst they are studying and when they’re on the move.

Clear Channel Printt printer for advertising to students

Your creative

There will be 4 opportunities for your message to be seen:

The Footer Ad

A banner at the bottom of every printed page sharing your message to students as they study

Printt advertising for students

In-App Digital

A large canvas / video displayed on the student’s phone whilst the pages are being printed

Printt advertising vouchers

Sponsored Pins

Your brand’s location as a pin on the map to raise awareness and drive footfall to stores

Printt advertising showing sponsored pins

Beacon Technology

Bespoke notifications to users based on location & exposure to your Outdoor campaign

Printt advertising push notifications

Who can use it

This can be used to complement your Mobile advertising (Geo Locate) and Outdoor campaigns.

A local eatery could use it to promote offers to students to drive footfall at times when they’re less busy. ‘Free coffee with any panini bought between 2-4pm – 150m away from Sydney Jones Library’.

A taxi company in Manchester could very simply have ‘Taxis for students – 0161 888 888’ to ensure students know the number whenever they need a taxi.

Dominos case study with Printt advertising

Case Study

Domino’s Pizza wanted to boost sales at their Manchester locations with their 18-24 audience.

They succeeded in this by reaching 130,000+ students. Of those, over 15,000 clicked through to get the offer from Domino’s!


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