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The Weekly Snapshot

Tiers Explained

We’re providing transparent data on the ever-changing tier situation across the UK and up-to-date performance
of our audience levels. The national picture is constantly changing and the below table provides a broad understanding
of what each Tier means in terms of the restrictions of movement. Alongside this, we’ve provided an insight into the average
audience levels of our roadside inventory within each Tier.

Impact of changing restrictions on Audience Levels

Clear Channel’s OOH Audience Levels 2020-2021

Rate of Return for Points of Interest

A look at the current audience level and panel numbers for Clear Channel’s portfolio in close
proximity to significant points of interest and key environments.

The Pulse of the Nation

In our pulse of the nation survey, we want to paint a picture of how people are thinking,
feeling, planning and behaving during the pandemic. Kicking off the year we wanted to
find out how the New Year and new guidelines are effecting our audiences.

Our Methodology

With our partners, adsquare, and our mobile data platform Clear Channel Radar®, we’re monitoring a huge set of information to learn
how Clear Channel’s products are performing with our audiences. By analysing GDPR compliant data from approximately 7 million devices, which is
around 10% of all the devices in the UK, we can detect when people are exposed to our individual products rather than broad areas. This allows us
to accurately plan your next campaign with precision to ensure it reaches the right target audience.

In addition to providing audience data and insights, we’re also doing lots more to help you during your return to Out of Home:

The ability to have a flex schedule with your campaign
and to change your copy.

Cancel any new business free of charge booked to display before 30th June 2021 (that has not already been subject to a deferral) up to 28 days from campaign I/C.

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