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Audiences are returning
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The Out of Home audiences are back, and so are brands!

As the pandemic unfolded, brands utilised Out of Home to reassure the public during moments of uncertainty and advertisers are now capitalising on the returning audiences to deliver creative messages across the UK.

From retail, to travel, to food and to finance, we’ve put together some of the latest examples from our clients to give you inspiration for what you can achieve with your next campaign.

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Breitling returned Out of Home using Malls Live in Birmingham and Sheffield to strengthen their brand awareness to returning shoppers.


Zalando used Adshel Live locations in Glasgow and London to promote their brand to online fashion shoppers.

of adults would visit shopping centres the same or more often 0

of adults say their personal income has not been impacted by Covid 0

(Intu – The New Normal, Retail during and post Covid-19)
(GlobalData, Kantar Corona, Wave 6)
Public Sector

Public Sector

Wakefield Council

Leeds City Council used Adshel to raise important awareness of their #rediscoverleeds campaign.

Bedford Borough Council

Bedford Borough Council returned Out of Home using Adshel Live, Adshel, Billboards and Geo Locate mobile advertising to run raise awareness for the free ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes.

of adults agree that shopping at local stores is important 0

of adults want brands to advertise how they've helped during Covid 0

(GlobalData, Kantar Corona, Wave 7)
(GlobalData, Kantar Corona, Wave 7)


Mr Organic

Mr Organic used Adshel poster sites up and down the UK to promote their organic Ketchup.


Vapestream targeted the portsmouth area to promote their products and website.

of adults prefer shopping for groceries in a supermarket close to home 0

of consumers say trustworthy products influence their purchases 0

(GlobalData, Kantar Corona, Wave 8)
(Kantar 2020, GlobalData 2020)


Bavaria Brauhaus

Bavaria Brauhaus returned Out of Home using Adshel Live in Glasgow to promote their lunch menu.

The Great Gatsby Theatre

The Great Gatsby Theatre returned Out of Home using Adshel Live across Croydon and Ealing to promote their exciting, immersive show inside a Covid-19 secure venue.

of adults would feel comfortable visiting a restaurant within the next month 0

of adults would feel more safe in visiting places if regular sterilization measures were in place 0

(GlobalData, Kantar Corona, Wave 8)
(GlobalData, Kantar Corona, Wave 8)


Together Housing

Together Housing returned Out of Home using Asda Live across Sheffield and Pendle to reach potential tenants.

YPP Lettings

YPP Lettings continue using Out of Home using Adshel Live and Adshel in Leeds’ student areas to promote their student letting search engine.

of people are now considering purchasing a home since Covid 0

of adults are delaying a planned purchase since Covid 0

(GlobalData, Kantar Corona, Wave 7)
(GlobalData, Kantar Corona, Wave 7)


Hammond Group

Hammond Group returned Out of Home using Billboards in the Waveney, Suffolk area to encourage people to book their electric car test drive.

JCB Group

JCB Group returned Out of Home using Billboards in Maidstone to raise awareness about their local van centre services.

of car shoppers will visit a dealership after lockdown ends 0

of drivers without a car said Covid has made them consider buying 0

(Google Consumer Survey)
(Auto Trader)


Yellow Cabs

Yellow Cabs used 48 sheets in Bristol to promote their 20% discount code and to dive traffic to download their app.


Stagecoach returned Out of Home using Adshel Live to encourage travellers to adhere to Government safety social-distancing measures during their journey.

of adults are unlikely to car share as lockdown eases 0

of adults are unlikely to use public transport after lockdown eases 0

(GlobalData, Kantar Corona, Wave 8)
(GlobalData, Kantar Corona, Wave 8)


Redcar and Cleveland College

Redcar and Cleveland College used Asda Live screens to promote their open event.

Redmaids School

Redmaids School used Adshel panels in Bristol to promote their “Virtual Visit” to parents and prospective students.

of adults think online education will increase 0

of parents feel comfortable sending their children to school within the next 6 months if there are no restrictions 0

(GlobalData, Kantar Corona, Wave 8)
(GlobalData, Kantar Corona, Wave 8)

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