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As restrictions on movement continue to change, understanding the Out of Home audience is more important than ever. That’s why we’ve created the Out of Home Audience Hub, to provide you with the latest insights on how audiences are behaving in the wake of the pandemic.

Across the hub you’ll find lots of data, for both the UK and for individual locations across the country, that will allow you to understand how audiences are interacting with our products and why you can easily invest with confidence in Clear Channel.

UK Rate of Return

Local Rate of Return

Platform for Brands

Who’s live now?

With so many brands and organisations returning Out of Home each week, we’ll do our best to keep you updated!

Whether it’s Mindspace’s office opening in Hammersmith or ECCO’s Cardiff store promotion, we’re seeing an exciting range of sectors returning on our posters and digital screens again.

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In addition to providing audience data and insights, we’re also doing lots more to help you during your return to Out of Home:

The ability to have a flex schedule with your campaign and to change your copy.

Cancel any new business booked to display in Oct, Nov and Dec 2020 with just 14 days’ notice from campaign I/C.

Cancel any new business FOC booked to display across Jan, Feb and March 2021 (that has not already been subject to a deferral) up to 28 days from campaign I/C.

Free artwork adaption for Clear Channel formats. Applies to all bookings running between September and December 2020.

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