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Picture this. Your dealership is launching the new reg cars and you need to send out an exciting, powerful message to the public to drive sales. Ideally, something cost-effective, with a real ROI, that reaches drivers and will enable your dealership to exceed quarterly targets.

Using Clear Channel’s billboards on busy arterial routes, supermarket screens at Asda and Sainsbury’s or bus shelter posters along key high streets, Outdoor advertising reaches everyone. Being the highly competitive market that it is, Clear Channel has helped hundreds of businesses within the motor industry stand out from the crowd; their competition.

Successful Motor Campaigns

Sales or services, we have ran hundreds of successful outdoor motor campaigns. Read some of our recent success stories below.

Cawdor Cars

Cawdor Cars selected bus shelter posters in specific areas that were best suited in reaching their target audience and, as a result of their mixed advertising, they immediately felt the impact from their poster campaign and exceeded Q1 targets for new units sold.

Cawdor Cars Dealership Advertising

Regent Autos

Regent Autos used a nearby popular billboard to do two things; direct passing traffic straight to their garage and inform people about their MOT and repair services. After a very successful campaign, Regent Autos noticed an increase in enquiries and local awareness.

Regent Autos MOT advertising in Newcastle

Cost effective and less wastage

Outdoor advertising broadcasts your message to the audience you want to reach. You can localise your campaign down to postcodes. Therefore, we can be more cost effective for you and your organisation; optimising your budget and increasing the effectiveness of your campaign.

With our audience planning tools, including Route, you will also be able to prove how many people will actually see your campaign.

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