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Lights! Camera! Action! If your business is in the Entertainments sector and you’re looking for that next bit of advertising inspiration then look no further!

Whether you’re promoting a sporting event, a concert or a zoo – you need an audience. Which is exactly where Clear Channel comes into the picture. With our range of billboards, bus stop posters and various digital screens throughout the UK; we take pride in providing entertainment businesses with audiences through an incredibly creative platform called ‘Out of Home’.

From adventure parks, to museums and all the way to video games; how better to showcase your attraction than to physically tell your story to people in the heart of their community.

We have introduced audiences to all types and sizes of entertainment businesses through Out-of-Home advertising. Don’t believe us? See for yourself by flicking through the gallery of images below.

Successful Campaigns

It’s no surprise that Entertainment companies love outdoor advertising. Read three of our most recent success stories below.

Blackpool Zoo billboard advertising

Blackpool Zoo

After another successful campaign, Blackpool Zoo found that, through billboard advertising, they were able to visually tell a story to thousands of people in their target areas. This was a simple, yet effective way of promoting their animal attractions and strengthening their brand.

Derby Live Client Photo

Derby Live

As part of Derby Council’s Art & Entertainments division, Derby Live needed a creative platform to showcase their exciting live shows and events. Through bus stop and shopping centre advertising, they were able to, not only increase awareness, but also increase their revenue from ticket sales.

Sea Life Billboard Advertising

Sea Life

Sea Life worked closely with Clear Channel to raise awareness about their ‘Predators of the Reef’ throughout Glasgow. After using large billboards in key local areas to reach their target audience, Sea Life found that 42% of visitors during June and July had seen the posters around Glasgow.

Hear Della Belk, the Marketing Manager at Blackpool Zoo, explain how well outdoor advertising works for their animal attractions business and why billboards are the perfect canvas for getting their message across in seconds.

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