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Reach out to your entire catchment area

‘How to advertise my open day?’ Outdoor advertising can speak to all students and parents within your school’s catchment area.

Independent research from TGI shows that students are 34% more likely to pay the most attention to outdoor media (over other advertisements).

Each year the competition for attracting students from your catchment area increases. With each student being such high value, your marketing choices must be highly effective; with the ultimate aim of sharing your message to all parents, children & prospective students within your area.

Outdoor advertising provides that opportunity. With our panels placed in strategic positions around communities we’ve helped schools, colleges and universities around the UK improve public perception, raise awareness and drastically increase open day attendance.

Increasing Open Day Attendance

Clear Channel help drive potential students towards all types of schools – nurseries, primary/ high schools, colleges, universities and learning centres. We do this through proximity-based targeting using extensive data and the strategic locations of our panels; running adverts in the areas we know will be reaching out to the correct audience when they’re receptive.

  • The heart of the community – Main roads in, out and through towns & villages.
  • Feeder & competitor schoolsBus shelters & billboards target local schools with precision.
  • Youth cluster areasShopping centres, leisure centres, parks etc.
  • Supermarkets – Target parents at some of the UK’s busiest supermarkets.

Exeter College

Their aims were to raise awareness of degree level qualifications offered by the college and increase open day attendance.

They received great feedback about the message & the artwork, an increase in the number of people using the website and 15% increase in university level applications.

Perse School outdoor advertising campaign

Perse School

The main objectives were to raise awareness of upcoming open days and drive traffic to the website.

“We saw responses rise by well over a third. We have found it to be a cost-effective and impactful way to get our message across. We have already booked for next year.”

Poster Search

Which areas in your town would reach out to the most parents and children? Search your area on our mapping tool and discover our panels. Consider:

  • Main roads
  • Feeder schools
  • Youth cluster areas
  • Shopping zones

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