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Achieve Fame on Demand

Storm is Clear Channel’s super premium digital advertising platform delivering Fame on Demand to brands. Take ownership of these extraordinary skyline-dominating structures which are found in:

London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool & Leeds – each one custom built to give your brand the most awe-inspiring space to advertise on.

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Flexibility & Ownership

Be they hotels, sports clubs, car dealers or retailers, with Storm we wanted advertisers  to be able to take full ownership of the display – from the name plate branding right down to the surrounding lighting systems.

We also recognised that companies should have the freedom to advertise as and when would work for them. Commuters coming home from work in rush hour on Friday night? Absolutely.

This flexibility and ability to take over the whole structure allows you as a brand to speak to your audience exactly when it matters.

Let your imagination run wild.

Billingsgate Fishmarket Clear Channel digital advertising display
Clear Channel digital advertising billboard

Fame: The Proof

Whilst we as a company knew that companies being advertised on premium DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) would deliver Fame status, we wanted to share this via form of concrete evidence.

In 2016 we conducted an extensive study to do two things:

  • Define what brand fame is
  • Discover if large format DOOH delivers it

The resulting definition: Famous brands are powerful, premium and iconic, they’re highly visible, spoken about a lot and are seen as being creative.

The outcome: Measuring both the conscious and the subconscious brain to stimuli, we saw that those who had seen brands on premium DOOH associated them with the criteria of the definition and after TV, premium DOOH was the most appropriate channel for famous brands to be seen on.

Our Portfolio

A40 Power Station

Mencap Here I Am campaign on a40 power station digital billboard

Billingsgate market

Billingsgate digital billboard advertising Andalucia Tourism

Borough High Street

Borough High St digital Storm billboard

Brent Cross

Brent Cross Storm panel showcasing Meadway cars

Chiswick Island

Chiswick Island digital billboard advertising Brentford FC

Chiswick Towers

Chiswick Towers digital billboard panels advertising Uniqlo


Cromination the longest digital advertising site in Europe showing Mr Porter

Cromwell Road

Cromwell Road digital billboard with Blu vape advertising campaign

Lambeth Road

Lambeth Panel Road Storm panel spreading awareness for Prostate Cancer UK

Lea Valley

Lea Valley Storm Panel advertising Westfield shopping centre

M1 Tower

M1 digital billboard campaign. When it rain it kills. Slow down. Think.

M3 Tower

M3 Clear Channel advertising tower. We believe in Brentford FC

M62 Towers

M62 Liverpool Storm digital advertising billboard

Mancunian Way

Mancunian Way digital advertising billboard with National Lottery

Nine Elms Battersea

Nine Elms Battersea Storm digital billboard advertising Prada

North London Tower

North London Tower digital advertising billboards on the A406 for WACL

Park Royal

Park Royal digital billboard on the North Circular. #millionpoundjamie

Peckham High Street

Peckham High Street Clear Channel digital billboard


Queensway Birmingham Storm billboard on the A38

Shoreditch High Street

Shoreditch High street digital billboard advertising London cocktail week

Shoreditch Triangle

Shoreditch Triangle digital advertising ownership for British Airways

The Mile

The Mile digital billboard advertising Zoopla

Trinity Way

Trinity Way digital advertising screen in Manchester

Wandsworth Bridge

Wandsworth Bridge digital advertising billboard

Westway tower

Westway Tower digital billboard on the A40 showing Renault
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