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Pub & Bar Advertising

The only digital advertising in pubs & bars

Clear Channel own the UK’s most extensive network of digital advertising screens within pubs & bars. Their purpose – to draw attention. These digital panels, also known as ‘Socialite’ screens, are: Full motion, HD ready, in the most prominent locations.

With this in mind you can start to understand how effective this form of advertising is and how frequent it catches the attention of people. The next section will discuss how the adverts are registered in the mind of the viewer.

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Total Recall

There are three important things to have an appreciation of here:

Frame of mind – Those who are in pubs and bars are at ease, in a relaxed environment; making them receptive to your message.

Dwell time – Waiting at the bar… waiting for a friend. These are moments when we’re looking for a distraction. The Socialite screens give us a welcome one.

Artwork – Be creative. You have the perfect opportunity to engage individuals as well as a group of friends. Give them something to talk about that will make them remember you.

Advertising Audience

The Audience

With this form of advertising you have a very good idea of who you’re speaking to (and if you’re not familiar with a particular area, we are!). Different pubs attract different clientele, meaning we can focus on your target demographic. Students? Males over 50? Football fans? We know the right bar for you.

Using the data we have on the demographic and the footfall of the pubs we have digital signs in, you are able to effectively measure the cost of your advertising and calculate your Return on Investment (ROI).

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