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Phonebox Advertising

Reach consumers where others are unable to

Phone box advertising is a cost-effective way of being seen by vast amounts of people within towns and city centres. Reach shoppers at the most influential stage – on High Streets in town and city centres & speak to commuters going through the city on their way to work.

Our national network of phone booths are made up of 1,200 classic poster sites and 150+ digital screens in London. Our eye-level advertisement sites dominate key high streets in some of the UK’s biggest cities including, Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester.

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Classic Phoneboxes (Kiosk)

Be seen by the people that matter to your business and achieve local fame on any of our 1,200 public phone posters. The key features of our phone boxes:

  • Cost-effective
  • In key locations other advertisers are not i.e. High Streets
  • They can direct people straight to your business
Phonebox Poster Advertising
Digital Phonebox Advertising

Digital Phoneboxes (Adshel Live)

Clear Channel have recently installed over 150 state of the art digital phone boxes throughout key London boroughs including Tower Hamlets, Barnet, Harrow and Croydon as part of our nationwide Adshel Live product.

Dynamic advertising – You can change the artwork in real-time depending on factors such as time and weather to increase consumer recognition and engagement.

Flexibility – Choose to advertise at the times and days which work best in reaching out to your target audience.

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