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Petrol Station Advertising

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How easily is your attention captured whilst queueing at the petrol station? Like most people you probably stand there looking at the stacks of Mars bars… then the Polos… then back to the Mars bars. Our digital screens are perfectly placed at the till to do one thing – capture attention.

Our UK-wide network of petrol station (forecourt) digital screens are extremely effective as they’re in a place where people don’t have any other meaningful distractions. Your company’s advert is seen by people who are in the right state of mind – those who welcome your message.

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The Numbers

Our screens record the number of people who watch your advert and they identify the approximate age and gender of each person. As a customer this means several things to you:

  • We’re able to provide you with the most effective sites in reaching your target demographic
  • You’ll know exactly how many people saw your advert
  • You’ll know the cost per play to each person
Digital Petrol Station Advertising
Petrol Station Audience

The Audience

Whilst the statistics show that it’s predominantly males who visit forecourts, something to understand is that the audience is hugely determined by the retailer (we have screens in Tesco, Esso, BP etc) and by the location.

A petrol station on an industrial estate will be highly effective in reaching out to males aged 25-50 whereas a screen in a petrol station situated between two affluent towns will speak to a high income audience – male or female.

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