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Bus Shelter Advertising

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Bus shelter advertising is the perfect way to capture the attention of all types of people out of their homes, not just those sat at the bus stop bench. Their size, their brightness & their eye-level position makes them stand out; effectively reaching out to your audience – no matter their demographic.

Clear Channel’s bus shelters fall into two categories: Classic (Adshel) and Digital (Adshel Live). Below you’ll get an understanding of the potential they offer in getting your brand seen. Your local team can help create the most cost-effective campaign whilst receiving maximum exposure.

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Classic Bus Shelters (Adshel)

We have 35,000 classic advertising panels in bus shelters across the UK, receiving 212 Million views every fortnight.

From the corner of the street your business is on to the key commuter routes into city centres, our bus stop advertisement sites are in strategically placed in locations all over the UK; providing you the opportunity to reach out to your audience no matter who they are. On any scale, your business can achieve fame.

Bus Shelter Poster Advertising
Digital Bus Shelter Advertising

Digital Bus Shelters (Adshel Live)

Clear Channel has a network of 1,000 digital bus shelter screens located in the highest footfall and traffic areas in cities across the UK. Adshel Live can be found in key cities including London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Sheffield and Glasgow. Digital bus shelter signs offer an innovative platform for your business to advertise on.

The screens are equipped with incredible technologies, including motion detection, touchscreen and facial recognition – creating the perfect platform for consumers to engage with your brand.

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