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Billboard Advertising

Make a big impression

Billboards make an instant impression, getting your message across in seconds. Bold design and eye-catching content that make people think, laugh or double-take can have a lasting impact. No doubt one caught your eye on the way to work?

You might think that billboards are only used by big brands with huge marketing budgets, but they’re a lot more cost-effective than you may think. We deal with all types of companies – large and small. Discover the benefits of our classic, digital and our iconic billboards below.

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Classic Billboards

Achieve local fame on any of our 4,000 paper format billboards, strategically placed throughout the UK – by train stations, on main roads, in town centres, on retail parks.

Our two sizes are 48-sheets and 96-sheets; with the 96’s being our super-wide billboards. Here are some ways your company could use them:

  • Advertising a sale
  • Directional Ad
  • Awareness
  • Area domination
Billboard Advertising in Newcastle
Digital billboard advertising - Camelot

Digital Billboards (Wrap)

Starting in London with a network of over 30 digital billboards spanning the city, Wrap is now venturing to the UK’s biggest cities. You can find them in Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and Liverpool; with more soon to follow.
Dynamic advertising – You can change the artwork in real-time depending on factors such as time and weather to increase consumer recognition and engagement.

Flexibility – Choose to advertise at the times and days which work best in reaching out to your target audience.

Premium Digital Billboards (Storm)

We are the UK’s  number 1 super premium Out of Home provider. Our stunning, iconic advertising displays are located in some of the UK’s highest footfall and traffic locations. Each structure has been uniquely crafted to complement its outdoor surroundings; all while ensuring your brand has the ability to dominate the skyline. From the Mancunian towers to Cromwell Road – the longest digital advertising platform in Europe – Storm gives you Fame on Demand.

See the panels in all their glory!

Premium Digital Billboard in Manchester
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